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» » » » Singer Ommy Dimpoz opens up about Joho’s relationship with Nandy

Tanzanian Artist Ommy Dimpoz has opened up on Governor Joho’s relationship with Nandy.
Some weeks back, rumors sparked all over social media claiming that the Mombasa Governor was dating Nandy.
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Ommy Dimpoz in response to these claims says that Nandy was performing during a wedding of Joho’s relative in Mombasa and later on proceeded with a shoot of her music video.
He also added that he doubts the rumors because he is aware that Nandy was in Mombasa for a work-related agenda.
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“There is nothing much, I guess the photos that you saw were just the wedding photos” he said during an interview.
On whether Joho sponsored Nandy’s music video,Ommy Dimpoz says that he is not aware about that and the only person who can clarify on that information is Nandy.
Nairobi Wire reports that Nandy had earlier explained that the Mombasa Governor has vested interest in the growth of local music.
“He is a person who loves bongo music and he loves Tanzanian artistes, and so we are there to support him as he supports us,” she said in a radio interview.
Nandy added: “Just because I am a woman, they will say I am dating him.”
The songbird also praised the flamboyant governor for being supportive, especially during the shooting of her latest video ‘Hazipo
Apart from Nandy, the Governor has supported other artists like Ali Kiba, Ommy Dimpoz, Willy Paul among others.
Have a look at Ommy Dimpoz interview

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