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» » » » » From Gracing Newspaper Pages to Living a Dog’s Life: The Sorry State of Veteran Kenyan Keeper Noah Ayuko

He was once the main man between the goal posts for the Kenyan National Team. Noah Ayuko’s star was shining and with no doubt he was destined for greatness.
He was a man of the people with Veteran Hip Hop Artiste Juliani even paying homage to him in his collabo alongside Dj Sadic and Alemba dubbed “Pages Za Bible”
Ayuko himself said that he will play for a long time and later venture into management, something that never happened.

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“I am not planning to retire anytime soon. I will only hang my boots when my legs can run no more, at the moment I still feel strong and I feel I can play for another 7-9 years. I still have a lot to offer on the field of play and also help nurture young upcoming talent,” Said Ayuko back in 2014
“I will venture into management once I retire, I have learnt a lot in my career and I think it won’t be difficult when I try my hand at the dug out, he added.

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He instead became an alcoholic and even plans to take him for rehab never bore any fruits.
Ayuko is now in Naivasha and is often seen on the Streets of Karuturi with many of those who have seen him saying that he is now a pale shadow of himself and living a dog’s life.
Ayuko beg’s for little cash to survive and is far from getting back to his feet.
It has also been revealed that a good number of Kenyans were willing to help him rise again but due to his stubborn nature, many backed off.

“I tried to get him back on his feet. All I wanted was to let him accept his status, go for rehabilitation coz at that time alikuwa amekunywa saana. When I was actually working on it,alikataa akasema yeye sio mtu wa kupelekwa rehab. He just wanted the cash. I told him ,it can’t happen. He refused and the answers he gave me ,I just backed off. Kenyans were ready to help ,yes but he was to be rehabilitated first. I feel for him,but if he had followed my path,he could be okay by now,” Said Former Kenya International Boniface Ambani.
It will be remembered that a year ago, a funds drive that was to be held in aid of Noah Ayuko ran into headwinds with a measly Sh10,000 raised.
The brilliant plan was mooted by Boniface Ambani in an attempt to help his broke former teammate.

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“We haven’t made much progress. Only Sh10,000 has been realised. Things are not easy as it seems,” Said Amabni back then, adding: “That aside, our brother Ayuko needs quick help because alcohol is also destroying him. He is having a lot of financial trouble.
Ball iliisha, job iliisha (his footballing career ended and he is not employed), so survival has become difficult. He is in a bad state and affording a meal has become a problem.” he added.
Well, it seems like Ayuko’s dark days are far from over if the recent reports are anything to go by.

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As footballers and other Sports Personalities live large after retirement in other Countries, the Kenyan Sportsmen and women have been left to wallop in Poverty with Misery.
Should the Players themselves be blamed for failing to invest wisely or Should we blame the Government for failing to take care of people who have brought great honour and Pride to this Country?
Ayuko made his competitive football debut for the now defunct Mombasa based side, Kenya Navy Mombasa in 1994.
He has played for various clubs in the country for the past two decades and has also turned for the national side, Harambee Stars.

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