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» » » Singer Timmy T Dat Spreads the Valentines Cheer to the Sick in Kasabun

14th February, a day set aside for Valentines celebrations in the month of love February is a day that usaully comes with it’s own sets of good and bad.

Good in the sense that people tend to share special moments with their loved ones and bad in the sense that a good number of people always end up not been shown the love they so desire. This has majorly been attributed to the lack of a caring figure in their lives or to situations beyond their control like sickness or poverty.

Well, Singer Timmy T Dat, who was born and bred in Kasabun took it upon himself to spend Valentines with the Sick at Kasabuni hope medical clinic.

Timmy has urged Kenyans to pray and give hope where it’s due.

“This is Kasabuni hope medical clinic,this is where I spent my valentines,lets pray and give hope where it’s due.” posted the Pogna Matin hitmaker.

Timmy has been known to be always proud of Kasabun, his birth-place and has time and again paid homage to it in many of his tracks with his collabo with rapper Khaligraph Jones titled Kasayole all but revealing the finer details about Kasabun.

With Timmy now making it as a mainstream artiste, the youths at Kasabun are surely looking up to him.

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