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» » » » Spanking New: Stronger Than Them - Nazizi (Official Music Video)

This is an empowering story of strength in times of immense challenges. Nazizi does it again, this time with kids from One Vibe's EMAP Program in Kisumu and the backdrop of her favorite spot in the world, Lamu Island.

Directed and produced by Simon Javan Okelo for One Vibe Films  together with Simmon Okong'o this music video is the first from a mini album Nazizi recorded at One Vibe Studio in Kisumu. Look out for the next ones set for release in 2016!

Through proceeds from the 2015 Madaraka Festival in Seattle, WA, One Vibe purchased film equipment to create One Vibe Films as part of its sustainability strategy. This music video is an example of the impact of the Madaraka Festival because it utilized the same film equipment.

A team of Kenyan filmmakers led by Simmon Okong'o operate One Vibe Films, which generates sustainable revenue for One Vibe Africa, especially EMAP (Education, Music, and Art Program). The same Kenyan filmmakers are also teaching these skills to youth under One Vibe’s EMAP.

The song was written by Nazizi & Shamir .
They need your help today for this great work to continue

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