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Kenyan Sweetheart Nadia Shares Some Radio Love With Love Doctor Arrow Bwoy

Kenya's Musical Sweetheart Nadia Mukami has joined forces with Love Doctor Arrow Bwoy to present us with a new smash hit titled Radio Love.
Radio Love is a club banger revolving around love by a couple that often enjoys their favorite tunes on radio. 
The song was written by both Nadia Mukami & Arrow Bwoy, the audio produced by Vicky Pon Dis & the video later shot in Westlands, Kenya as directed by Ricky Bekko of Big Dreams Films.
“It has always been my wish to sound different and this is just the beginning of me trying to show the world how versatile i am as a musician”    Said Nadia.


Kakamega Homeboyz Hand the Reigns of Power to Former AFC Leopards Man

There is a new man incharge at Kakamega Homeboyz! Allan Wanga’s tenure as caretaker manager finally came to an end as Kakamega Homeboyz unveiled former AFC Leopards and Kenyan International Midfieldier Nicholas Muyoti as it’s new manager.
Muyoti has inked a One Year Deal with the Kakamega Based Side.
Kakamega had been without a coach following the sacking of Ugandan Coach Paul Nkata over match fixing claims. This prompted the Club’s leadership to make Wanga headcoach as it sort for a permanent replacement.
Wanga, who scored their winner against Tusker in the SportPesa Premier League last weekend, will continue to play for the club.
Prior to his appointment at Homeboyz, Muyoti was the head coach at Nzoia Sugar where he replaced former Kenyan international Bernard Mwalala mid last year.
Club chairman Cleophas Shimanyula said Muyoti will be deputised by former Nakuru All Stars coach Peter Okidi.
“I have given Muyoti a target of ensuring that the club finishes among the top five teams in the league at the end of the season,” Shimanyula said during the unveiling ceremony.
“The club has signed a Sh15 million per year deal with the County Government of Kakamega. We have received an initial amount of Sh3 million to start with,” said Shimanyula.
Muyoti said he would strive to ensure that he meets the club’s target this season.

Singer Ben Pol Warned of Dire Consequences Should He Break Anerlisa’s Heart

Do you ever look out for your friend? Well, Anerlisa Muingai’s loyal friends are out to defend her interests and are out to ensure that her relationship with Tanzanian RnB Star Ben Pol leads to something worth emulating.
Seems like Anerlisa’s friends are tired of seeing her heartbroken all the time by the men she’s previously been with and they have resorted to warning Ben Pol not to dare heartbreak their queen’s heart.
A fan of Anerlisa took the chance to warn Ben Pol not to break her heart. She made it clear that she was aware of Tanzanian men’s style of using and dumping women.
The woman who goes by the name Samantha had this to say:
“Mimi i have a message for our inlaw Benpaul whichever the name……Buda i hope you’re FOR real….with our VIP gal ..Lisa! ….Siku tu ujisahau ulete utanzania wako hapa ati woo sijui ni “nyani” ama ni “tumbiri” …..?? Wewe hapo ndio utajua Kenya twaongea kiingereza sio kiingeleza!!! We will beat the black out of you! !!….hio body language twaisoma twaipata….and so far you’re not doing well blaza….πŸ˜’.”

Rapper Noti Flow Reveals Lifetime Struggle With Acne

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. Women have however deviced ways and means to make themselves even more beautiful and this has majorly involved the use of make-ups.
Rapper Noti Flow is one of those Kenyan Personalities that always speak their mind no matter what. She is beautiful and with a kind of body a good number of men would die to have.
One thing people have never known though is the fact that behind her ever glittering and bright face is an image of a lady who has been suffering in silence.
Noti has revealed that she has been struggling with acne since her adolescence days and that despite the fact that her mother told her it will all disappear, the condition has stuck with her all this time.

Well.. It definitely took me a lot of confidence to do this. But I realized I have a good platform to inspire & encourage young women with same skin problem as mine & why not πŸ’πŸ½‍♀️ Av been struggling with acne since my adolescence days, & my mom said it’s only gonna last a few years then my skin would clear wen I grow up but that didn’t just happen. For the longest time I didn’t like my face cz of the spots that kept coming & disappearing but my family & friends kept telling me am beautiful way before I knew what makeup was. My face is not usually like this always. Sometimes it’s clear like a baby’s with no spot.. But sometimes for example when am stressed up & it’s about that time of the month it becomes bad! It’s just something I had to get used to & find a way to live with meanwhile as I still struggle to get the best medication that will clear for good. I learnt how to love & embrace it. And still do my thang and be the Noti Flow that I am πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ I wear makeup coz it gives me confidence & also coz I love wearing it πŸ’πŸ½‍♀️❤️ Ladies, let no man dictate or question why you’re wearing makeup. It’s coz you choose to. You are beautiful with makeup, You are beautiful without makeup. You are a Queen & you do what you want πŸ‘‘
This transformation video is dedicated to all the women out there with eczema, discoloration, acne, scars, stretch mark,or any beauty marks..y’all are beautiful.
Regardless of what you may be dealing with it’s going to be okey and you are going to be better for it ..
Will repeat..BEAUTY is NOT makeup‼️ Be confident in your own Skin. Let whoever loves you love you for who you are 

8 Town Rapper Octopizzo Takes His Fans to Babylon

Talk of the most consistent Kenyan artistes and Octopizzo’s name appears up there with the best. Talk of the most talented Kenyan Artistes and Octopizzo’s name will still appear among the greats. Talk of the trendiest and stylist Kenyan artiste and Octo’s name will still pop up.
Octopizzo is one of those Kenyan artistes that greatly understand the music scene. From quality audios to videos, Octopizzo continues to put Kenyan music on the international Map with release after release.

The 8 town rapper has decided to take his fans to Babylon in a smash new hit titled “Babylon”
Octopizzo’s lyrical ability in this new joint is top notch with sick bars dominating all through the track.
The Oliel hitmaker makes rap looks so easy in this new joint and i believe this is going to be another national anthem just like Oliel and Noma Ni.

Khaligraph Jones Gives Rudeboy a Tour of Kayole as they Reminisce Their Past Struggles

When a guest comes to town you surely show them only the great and the glistening and glamorous places in your city, right?
But sometimes people get better insight into who you are if you show them where you have come from. And that was exactly the approach of Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones took when Nigerian artist Rudeboy came to town: “We needed a good introduction to each other.” And that introduction was his hood.
For those who don’t know, hook master King Rudy a.k.a Rudeboy was once part of P-Square, the group that put urban Nigerian sounds on the worldwide map and laid the foundations for the global force that is now Afrobeat.
Kayole is far, far away from the red carpet swag of the music scene and it was there that respected rapper Khaligraph Jones not only visited his old school and former place of employment as a Chapati seller but also visited his first recording studio alongside Rudeboy.
The Visit to Big Beats Studio, a tiny studio in a small shipping container gave Rudeboy an unexpected flashback. “This takes me waaaay back to my struggle and hustle and makes me think of where I am today,” he explains. Nodding his head and playing out his very first track Khaligraph Jones says: “This place is very special to me as it’s where I laid my foundations as a musician.”
As they joined youth in the streets bumping his tracks and chanting the chorus of Khaligraph’s latest hit, it was hard for Rudeboy to believe that a mere four years ago this was where his new Kenyan friend lived. “I saw where he used to stay, you can tell this guy went through a lot!”
As the two stars climbed onto the roof of the building and the sun set over the hood, the great energy and inspiration of their day out sunk into their heads, and the melodies, street slang and topics that will make up their Coke Studio Africa track started to come.

Dufla Diligon Makes Fena Gitu Move Her Body Like a Katapila

African Dancehall Solution Dufla Diligon is back with a new smash remix to his club themed tune Katapila.

In the remix, Dufla brings on board Kenyan Musical Queen Fena Gitu. Fena does not disappoint and immediately you listen to her intro to the song, you’ll immediately know it’s a great hit.
She comes in pretty well with some sick lines before Dufla comes in with that sing along chorus that will definately get you off your feet and hit the Dancefloor.
The Catchy beats to the song were produced by Visita of 6 beat music while the awesome visuals are all courtesy of Director Wallace.
Love Kenyan Music? You gotta Love Katapila.


Ravishing Singer Dela Maranga Finally Introduces Her Good Bad Boy

It’s Valentines right? We all want to celebrate those special people in our lives by openly professing our love to them.
Well, renowned singer Dela has today unleashed a masterpiece dubbed “Good Bad Boy”
Here, Dela asks her new good bad boy to give her Love since she adores him.
Dela says that the Good Bad Boy is the one she is been looking for and that other man should find other better things to do.
The Good Bad Boy here is apparently Dr. Reign, a Kenyan rapper cum medical doctor hence making many people speculate that the two are now a thing.
Prior to the official release of the Song, Dela posted a picture of her and Reign kissing on her official instagram page with the caption: It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man. ❤ #GoodBadBoyLoooaaadiiing… Happy Valentine’s Day, @drreign.
You mean the absolute world to me. ❤
This all but confirmed speculations that the two are now a thing.
In the song though, Reign comes through pretty well with some sick bars and flow that all but add life to this awesome catchy track.

The song was Written by Dela Maranga and Dr. Reign while the audio was produced by Kashkeed.


Kenyan Star Blinky Bill Takes Gospel Artistes Back to Class With New Classic

Super talented Kenyan singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Blinky Bill has released “Mungu Halali”—new single and music video, off his highly rated self-produced 2018 debut album: Everyone is Winging it and Other Fly Tales.

The gospel themed “Mungu Halali” is the perfect soul lifter and a declaration of gratitude. Blinky says, “If you’re going through a hard time or have been over the past, this is your song of encouragement. I felt like I wanted to do something like that.”

From the cool soulful fuse of groove, jazz and funk to marshaling Sage, Sarah Mitaru, Wambura Mitaru and Lisa Oduor Noah—his friends in music and Kenya’s top power vocalists; this is Blinky at his best.


Gospel Star Moji Shortbabaa Declares He is Not Alone!

The Kenyan Gospel Industry has lately come under intense criticisms with claims that the Artistes who have been tasked with spreading the good world of the Lord have deviated from their calling and have instead focused on earthly things.

The criticism has been so intense that a good number of Kenyans took to social media to declare that they will no longer play or listen to Kenyan Gospel music.

The industry might be having a tarnished image but one thing that remains for sure is the fact that there are still great gospel acts who have stuck to their calling by continuosly giving us great music.
One of them is Moji Shortbabaa of the former Kelele Takatifu Group.

The Mitumba hitmaker is back and this time with another amazing and inspiring gospel tune that will surely bless and make your day.

This is a song that speaks of the presence of the Lord in our Lives. In the Song, Moji reveals that even when going through what seems like tough times, God has always been therefore for him.

Shoti Babaa as he is well known goes further to reveal that even when people try to bring him down, it is the Lord God that exalts him.

I believe that this is the type of Song that can be played and listened to by people of all ages and generations.